David I. August
Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Princeton University
Affiliated with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University
Ph.D. May 2000, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Office: Computer Science Building Room 221
Email: august@princeton.edu
PGP: Public Key
PGP Fingerprint: DD96 3B12 7DA1 EF4E 46EE A23A D2AB 4FCE B365 2C9A
Fax: (609) 964-1699
Administrative Assistant: Pamela DelOrefice, (609) 258-5551

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UNISIM: An Open Simulation Environment and Library for Complex Architecture Design and Collaborative Development [abstract] (IEEE Xplore, PDF)
David I. August, Jonathan Chang, Sylvain Girbal, Daniel Gracia-Perez, Gilles Mouchard, David Penry, Olivier Temam, and Neil Vachharajani
IEEE Computer Architecture Letters (CAL), September 2007.

Simulator development is already a huge burden for many academic and industry research groups; future complex or heterogeneous multi-cores, as well as the multiplicity of performance metrics and required functionality, will make matters worse. We present a new simulation environment, called UNISIM, which is designed to rationalize simulator development by making it possible and efficient to distribute the overall effort over multiple research groups, even without direct cooperation. UNISIM achieves this goal with a combination of modular software development, distributed communication protocols, multi-level abstract modeling, interoperability capabilities, a set of simulator services APIs, and an open library/repository for providing a consistent set of simulator modules.